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Team up with Perth based current and former CEOs / Managing Directors as your business mentor Perth.


Team up with Perth based current and former CEOs / Managing Directors as your business mentor Perth.  We specialise in mentoring local small business owners and managers as they grow their business.

Whether your organisation is large or small, every Perth business owner and executive knows being in business is challenging. However, when you are teamed with the former CEO of a multi-national company as a business mentor Perth, you can be confident success is within your reach.  Now, on a part-time advisory basis, and for a fraction of the employment costs, companies can access the experience of former successful CEOs.

You can improve your performance and leapfrog the competition with techniques, strategies and disciplines that only great organisations employ.


Business Mentor Perth

We draw our experience from a wide selection of previous roles and organisations as detailed below.


Our Support



A key role for your business mentor in Perth is the support they provide both you and your senior management team in the performance of your respective roles. They achieve this support through the establishment of sound business management procedures and systems. For example, they will chair regular weekly or fortnightly management meetings, either just with you or you may wish they support you with your full team.

Its at these business mentor meetings where most issues are raised and then addressed, tasks are allocated and deadlines set.

The working relationship between you and your mentor is a key determinant in the success of the relationship. All mentors are selected for their ability to fit in as part of your advisory team and provide frank, honest and considered business advice.



The management of any organisation, although appearing complicated, is actually quite simple. What is needed is an understanding of the principals involved, a knowledge of key functional areas, and an understanding of the fundamentals of both leadership and management.

The development of a sound business structure, and then the implementation of solid management plans go a long way to ensuring success. This then needs to be coupled with an ability to organize people and resources in order to bring it all together at the right time.

Your business mentor in Perth has many years of experience in this area and will guide and train you in how best to implement this for your organisation in order to achieve best results.



The successful execution of your business plan is the most important part of your business strategy. This is because a great plan poorly executed will never succeed, whereas, even an average plan executed with skill will stand a far greater chance of success.

Your business mentors in Perth has the role to ensure that the plan you conceive and develop with their support is implemented in such a way that it stands the greatest chance of success.

The way we achieve this is through the development of leadership skills in both you and your senior management team because successful execution is always as a result of great leadership. Strong leadership and management are required in business to succeed in the long term.


  • It is a pleasure to recommend John Morrow. As a business mentor in Perth, he has provided extensive mentoring and guidance for our business Minetec Communications. He has helped us formulate new business strategies over the past four years and has been very effective in enabling the integration of our solutions to the mining industry. John has been the guidance and strength of our continuing success. I highly recommend John and will continue to work with him.

    Greg Anderson – Managing Director Minetec
  • John as a business mentor in Perth has worked extensively with our company over the years through bad times and good and has always constantly delivered the right solutions at the right time for our situations as they arise.

    He is a highly valued member of our team at WASP and I have no hesitation in recommending him to any potential clients.

    Mark Roberstson – Managing Director WA Sign & Print Management
  • Our Business mentor in Perth is very "goal-oriented", helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to running businesses. He worked with us over several years and helped us restructure the business as our goals changed.

    I really enjoyed the business relationship I had with him.

    Mike Winslade – Managing Director Modra Pty Ltd
  • John began working with us in Singapore when we were undertaking a major reshuffle of the business. He guided us as we changed our shareholding and then worked with us as we built a strategy to grow the business.

    It was great to work with John and he continues as a business mentor in Perth to be our sounding board for business and strategy issues over the past four years.

    Ben Pullam – Managing Director Racers Tool Box


As a globally connected network of more than 500 worldwide, we are unique in our ability to provide business mentors in Perth with a lifetime of experience building businesses and teams from a wide range of industries. 

Our Experience

There is a vast range of experience within our 50 strong Australian business mentoring network in Perth.  This experience ranges from leading organisations with a turnover of at least $50M per year through to in excess of $5B and includes industries such as manufacturing, retail, aviation, professional services, finance and many more.

 Each business mentor in Perth has been successful in his or her own right, leading organisations and teams. You can now tap into this experience and gain the benefit of years of experience.

Our Network

Out business mentor network in Perth has been built over the years to include current and former CEOs', managing directors, Chairmen and senior executives from a range of industries.  The network of more than 50, spans Australia and include executives from Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America.

Each business mentor in Perth is independent, providing you with the personalised business services that you and your business needs.

Business Mentor Perth

We draw our experience from a wide selection of previous roles and organisations as detailed below.


Pricing Options to Suit Your Business

help with Your business idea
FREEUp to 30 minutes free advice and support about your business idea.
  • Via Email, Phone and Skype
a very affordable hourly rate
$110ph (ex gst)An hourly rate for small businesses with a single issue that requires attention.
  • Via Email, Phone and Skype
  • Face to Face meeting
low monthly retainer for a mentor/advisor
From $500 (ex gst)Most common for established businesses with a turn over in excess of $500K per year,
  • Email, Phone and Skype communication
  • Regular and structured face to face meetings
  • Attendance with your senior management team
  • Chairing of board and management meetings
  • Your representation with 3rd parties


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